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10 Questions10 Questions with Lightning on Me
04/11/2013 | Morph
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1. Who makes up Lightning on Me?

Michael Cannon (guitar), Chris Hurn (vocals, keys & bass) and Sean Patterson (drums & samples).

2. When did you form/get the band together?

Sean and I met Chris a few years ago when we were in The Earlybirds, Chris was playing with a band called Cable Kid who supported us at a show in Wellington, and we were blown away by the sound of Chris’ voice and skills on his old Yamaha  [ ... ]

10 Questions10 Questions with Baxter Richardson
29/04/2013 | Morph
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Baxter Richardson is a new star in the firmament of graphic design here at the Depot Artspace. You will find him in the upper reaches of the Depot, above the second set of stairs beyond the Main Gallery. Baxter is interviewed for 10 Questions by Ruby Piddington. 

1)    I understand there have been a few significant milestones in your life this year, even though we haven’t passed the quarter mark. What are they? [ ... ]

10 Questions10 Questions with Leonie Hayden
18/12/2012 | Baxter Richardson
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For a talented, perspicacious writer, a woman who lives and breathes music, what more perfect position could Leonie Hayden bag than Editor of New Zealand’s most iconic and influential music magazine, Rip It Up? And to be a trail blazer to boot, the first female editor after 35 years of men at its prestigious helm. In this inspiring installment of 10 questions Leonie talks about her route to editorship, th [ ... ]

articlesNew Continent – New Experiences
07/12/2012 | Spencer Harrington
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Hello again Morph folk, its been awhile. After almost 2 years in Tokyo, a few trips to Southeast Asia, and a lot of time spent back home, I now find myself setting up camp here in Toronto, Canada. Yes, a completely different continent offering a completely different experience to anything I have had to date. Personally, I was born to a New Zealand Mother and a Canadian Father which - if my math is correct - wou [ ... ]

columnsThe National Paradox
24/10/2012 | David Duffin
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The National Paradox

There is a very unusual paradox displayed in New Zealand politics at present.

John Key’s and National's performance at the helm of New Zealand thus far has been dreadful. Socially and economically they have next to nothing to their name to show as supporting the general population. Their policies they create seem geared toward squeezing a few extra dollars out of beneficiaries; well, this and cu [ ... ]

articlesMarriage...part 4
26/09/2012 | Louise Evans
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As the months pass from our wedding the memories I thought I had in my possession shift and change. Certain things become more distant and others more meaningful. For both there is a sense of mourning, for the loss of a memory, and for things not appreciated for their full glory.

Though at the time, I was so full up with organisation, expectation and exhaustion that there was not one inch of room for me to absorb more [ ... ]

columnsTravels in Europe
26/09/2012 | Bethany Bennie
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Intrepid journeyer and planner of towns Bethanie Bennie has been enjoying the sights and delights of Europe for the past few months; here is her first missive on the experience.

Adventures in Europe #1

Oh man, Europe has far exceeded my expectations. To be honest, I didn't even want to go... I'm a homebody and the thought of leaving my cosy life in Auckland to venture off into a big unknown continent turned my st [ ... ]

columnsCaution Elephant crossing! (South East Asia)
24/09/2012 | Spencer Harrington
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After over a year and a half of being back in Auckland, New Zealand, with the familiar places and faces, as well as all the comforts home has to offer, the itch to be among the crazy, the unknown, and the unfamiliar was more present than ever. After catching the travel bug during my time in Japan, I have begun to think it may be incurable.

So, I decided to take the trip to Phuket, Thailand, a journey many before me [ ... ]

articlesMi Casa, Tu Casa
22/08/2012 | Sarah Bing
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Welcome, welcome!

Home is where the heart is, and, within the breast of everyone, beats a heart with a passion. Be that for Crown Lynn, bicycles, lampshades, spoons, animals both dead and alive, literature, puzzles, artworks, succulents, food,  television series', drawing materials, magazines, babies, teddy bears, rocks, technology or umbrellas, MORPH is interested in them all! If you'd love us to add images of y [ ... ]

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